A guide to our consultation process

Course of the consultation

  1. After you have successfully registered for a consultation via our online form, we will soon arrange a kick-off meeting. Within this meeting, we clarify the need for advice in detail and ask you similar questions like the ones below. You should not expect a solution from this conversation.
    • Why you are undertaking a consultation and what it is you want to find out?
    • Which questions do you primarily want to analyze, which are only secondary questions?
    • What are the dependent and independent variables?
    • What is the format of the data?
    • How was the data collected? How should these be collected?
  2. Afterwards we will arrange a follow-up appointment.
  3. Finally, we kindly ask you to evaluate our service.

What is important to us?

Throughout the entire consultation process, it is important for us that the consultation is useful for you! At the end you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has your adviser expressed himself understandably?
  • Did you get the information you wanted?
  • Did the methods used achieve the objectives?
  • Do you know how to proceed after the consultation?

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